Monday, October 3, 2011

Please Please Me

Please Please Me was the debut album from the Beatles. The title track was actually their second released single, but it was the single that made them successful overseas in America. It's a little cheesy to begin at the start, but it's not technically my start with the Beatles. I came to appreciate the early stuff much later. I heard it when I was young, but I really liked the stuff from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour.

Please Please Me was originally intended to be a slow, mopey kind of song. When John Lennon wrote it, he had Roy Orbison and Bing Crosby in mind. When they got into the studio, George Martin told them he'd cut it if they didn't speed it up and make it more lively- thank goodness he did! After speeding it up, George Martin remarked that he thought they had their first real big hit, and he was right.

This song contains many of the things that I love about the Beatles. The vocals in this are a perfect example of John and Paul's vocal ability. John carries the main part of the song, and Paul sings the high notes. In particular I love the back in forth during "come on, come on", and the back-up vocals in the bridge are so adorable and perfect it hurts. That's everything that's good about music in the 50's and 60's to me. The chord progressions are simple in the guitar, but it's the strumming that keeps it interesting (and this will be a challenge for me- strumming is not my strong suit). I'm also a sucker for the rising and falling chord progressions, it's just a nice sound to me. Though I don't know much about drumming, I really do love the little transition Ringo does into the bridge.

It's definitely placed in top songs of all time lists, Keith Richards notes it as his favourite Beatles tune and it was rumoured to be the first pop song to ever discuss oral sex, though that was never confirmed (think about it now, think about it...)

Please please (tell) me what you think of the song- I'd love to hear others' opinions. Also, correct me on any incorrect musical terminology- this is a learning experience and I want to know everything, so I've left my ego at the door. Thanks!

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  1. You have an ego? Well, I have to say it's a bold challenge you've taken upon yourself. And now I'm learning about the Beatles through you. I've never heard this song and had to Youtube it. Embarrassing? Meh.