Monday, October 10, 2011

Please Please Me: Video and Final Thoughts

This week was interesting, hearing some feedback on this project and opinions on Please Please Me. People are reading, and it's funny, the comments are actually happening in person rather than in the comments section, so I'll share some of them here.

My Uncle Paul remarked at how much he loved the "chime like" quality of the song. I don't have a harmonica, so I just plucked the beginning out as octaves, which is actually what George does along with the harmonica. Uncle Paul, grab a harmonica and we'll jam it out! My dad was definitely on board with the project and loves Please Please me as well and suggested that I keep "Here Comes the Sun" in mind for a later date. As my skills progress, I promise I will! I know a couple of other people said the project sounded interesting...if anyone has any more comments, please do take the time to leave a comment so that it's recorded here. The purpose of this is to learn more about music, guitar playing, singing and musical theory, so give 'er!

As for the actual playing, I'm glad I started. I noticed that when I pushed myself to learn things that were tricky for me (instead of finding a work around or another song to play) I eventually learned the song. I'm a lazy asshole sometimes, and this is a good way to force me to try. Keep in mind that prior to this, I couldn't really sing and play my guitar at the same time (shameful, I know). I also couldn't strum/transition terribly fast, nor could I go from fingerpicking to strumming with a pick very fast.

It was fun to learn, although in the future, I'm getting people to join in. It's such a shame to sing a song with such gorgeous harmonies by myself. I'm also going to try to pick up a small amp at least because it does sound a bit silly not plugged in.

I was away for the weekend, so I didn't get a good chance to think about a new song to pick, so I'll be updating that tomorrow. Suggestions are welcome :)

Click here to view the video. My voice cracked in a few spots, I'm still a little hoarse from a wedding in Montreal, but I needed to update. Enjoy!


  1. You hardly need to make excuses for yourself. Totally impressive cover.

  2. A good interpretation of the tune. Your vocals have an appealing, earthy feel to them---definitely your strength. Only quibble is that the backing "Sha la las" would have been better an octave higher to create some tonal space between the lead and backing. Eager to hear your next selection.