Sunday, October 23, 2011

Need Help with Help!

I had every intention of jamming with my dad today and recording the song. Well, I'm stuck on one part of the song, and rather than rush it and screw it up, I'm going to wait until I can properly figure it out and then record. I'm breaking the one week rule, and it's only week three, but forgiveness, please!

That very fast guitar part before the first verse kicks in is quite a doozy, and the tabs I've been using aren't quite right. I have a sneaking suspicion (after watching some live clips) that it's actually a variation on a G chord. George was very big on strumming through one chord several different ways (see Here Comes the Sun for that one). I'll update soon :)


  1. Don't feel ripped off. I totally did some research tonight, and when I have the time, I'm coming back swinging! It's like trying to take the Delorean for a ride, sometimes it just can't happen, but it will eventually!

  2. I drove the DeLorean today. Where's your video?