Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby It's You Mp3

I decided this week to do an mp3 instead of a video so I could add a bit of layering to the song. I feel a little bare bones just doing it all in one go, and it helped me to understand the different parts of the song individually. The only problem with this is I don't know the technology well enough to actually make it sound proper, so please forgive the shittiness of it all- I tried!

I noticed I'm having trouble with the damn start of the song- I'm still learning, so it's hard to have a number of programs and a guitar in your hand and get everything started. I'm sure I'll figure out something for smoothing that out. My timing is still a wee bit off in spots, but a fairly good effort for week two.

I saved this in garage band at my dad's request who's going to fiddle with it. When that happens, I'll re-post our collaboration results! Enjoy this version, and as always, comments and constructive criticism is welcome. Cheers!

Baby It's You cover link.

EDIT: For those of you that are having trouble getting the link to work, try copy/pasting this into your browser:

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  1. Hey, enjoyed the cover. Adding the harmony was a nice touch. The vocals sometimes get drowned out, you have a great voice so increase the volume on that. Booya